New Season Begins

Its the end of April and the dandelions are making their annual appearance, which typically signals the start of the beekeepers active year. First inspections of the hives will be carried out on the warmer days to check for disease and pests, to make sure her majesty the queen is present and laying eggs, as her role dictates. 

For BeeActiv the busy period never ends, and as we look back at 2015; our first full year in business, its been a hectic but damned exciting experience. We've traveled the country, hopping from health-food-store to health-food-store handing out delicious spoonfuls of Irish Honey to interested folk; and the obvious barrage of questions about bees follows. Bees are so fascinating that you could never grow tired of talking about them. We're very fortunate to a have a small group of masterful beekeepers and honey producers in Ireland who will work with us to get BeeActiv Irish honey on the shelves and we look forward to working with them into future. The role of the beekeeper is more important than ever given the current state of all things environmental and ecological. 

So far 2016 has seen us launch our Ivy Honey & Lemon Lozenges with a touch of soothing menthol. Working hard on recipes over winter was a pure joy and we're absolutely delighted with the results. We've crammed as much honey into those lozenges as food science would allow; and then some. We're looking forward to launching new products later in the year with a sharp focus on Propolis, that wondrous bioactive resin that bees collect from plants to protect the hive. Its packed to the rafters with bioflavanoids and is nature's defender against infection. 

"harnessing the natural healing power of plants" that's we're about, but not without a "little" help from the bees along the way. Plenty of more news to follow, we'll chat again soon.