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BeeActiv Raw Ivy Honey is a unique honey made from nectar collected from the ivy plant. The resulting honey is creamed to a smooth consistency and has a truly unique flavour.

The Ivy plant (Hedera helix) has been cherished for hundreds of years as a powerful healer. However ivy today has a special place in herbal medicine for its ability to aid with persistent cough both as a bronchodilator and expectorant. Find out More

Our raw ivy honey has been collected with great tenacity by Irish honey bees foraging in the Autumn and the unique properties of the plant are imbued in this delicious, magical honey. 

Ivy honey has a unique flavour, and when first experienced is not easily forgotten.

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Our honey is only lightly strained, and all of the pollen and other good stuff is retained
— Dr. Michael Geary, BeeActiv



Our Ivy Honey is

  • 100% Irish sourced
  • 100% natural
  • Not pasteurised*
  • Lightly strained

*Honey has a high concentration of natural sugars and over time these sugars want to form crystals, in a process called granulation. This is perfectly natural and indicates a high quality product. The time it takes for honey to crystallise depends on two things; the plant source of the honey & the amount of heating it endures. Ivy honey has the ability to crystallise very rapidly (about 1-2 weeks). At BeeActiv we take the time to allow our honey to set and then we cream it to a smooth texture; perfect for spreading or mixing in your favourite food. This gives it a light colouration and maintains its texture.  

Raw ivy honey is intense in flavour but remains pure to the nature of it’s origin. It’s a honey that stays with you & lingers in your mouth for quite some time without overpowering.
— Wade Murphy , multi-award winning chef at 1826 Adare